The Radnor

The Radnor is the magazine for the Beacon Hill Benefice, the East Radnor Benefice and the New Radnor Group. It is published ten times a year. It costs £1 or £10 for a year’s subscription. Contact details are in the magazine, which can be seen here, or use our Contact-us page.

(NOTE: You will need a pdf reader to view this document. We recommend the Foxit Reader which can be downloaded from here:

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March 2018 (file size 23 MB)

February 2018 (file size 18 MB)

December 2017 / January 2018 (file size 25 MB)

November 2017 (file size 23.6 MB)

October 2017 (file size 25 MB)

September 2017 (file size 28 MB)

July/August 2017 (file size 24 MB)

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February 2017 (file size 18.7 MB)


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