Stained Glass

Llangunllo East Window:

The east window is a triptych. There is a maker’s name in the central window “Ward & Hughes, London 1886.”
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The left panel is of the woman anointing Jesus feet with disciples looking on. The story is told in John’s gospel of Mary (sister of Martha) anointing Jesus feet with pure nard and wiping them with her hair. The house was filled with fragrance. The inscription reads: “And anointed the feet of Jesus.”

The central panel shows Christ on the cross, with Mary on the left and St John on the right. The kneeling woman is probably Mary Magdalene. The inscription reads “Mother behold thy son, son behold thy mother.”

The right panel shows Jesus with the children as told in Luke 18.16. The inscription reads: “Suffer little children to come unto me.”

Instruments of Torture: The lower section of each of the panels shows three of the instruments of torture used at Jesus’ crucifiction.
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(1) The 3 nails pierced his hands and feet to pin him to the cross.
(2) The soldiers whipped Jesus and a soldier thrust a stick holding a sponge soaked with sour wine for Jesus to drink when he was thirsty on the cross. When close to death, the soldiers speared his side, from whence blood and water flowed.
(3) The soldiers threw dice to ‘win’ his seamless cloak.

(4) The crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’ head to mock his kingship.
(5) The cross was the cruel manner of his unjustified death.
(6) Before being nailed to the cross, he was scourged.

(7) The traitor, Judas, received 30 pieces of silver as ‘blood money’ for leading the authorities to him.
(8) While he was being tried, his friend, Peter, denied him three times while he was warming his hands on a charcoal brazier in the high priest’s courtyard.
(9) Jesus was tied to the pillar when he was scourged (whipped).


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