7 Eliz, Sam, Wm Webb & Mary Davies

Date recorded: 8/9/09
She died Oct. 27th 1827
Aged 43
The word of God assures
The dead in Christ shall rise
Free from corruption and disease
To reign above the skies

In affectionate
Remembrance of
Of Knucklass
who died Sep. 10th 1870
aged 87
The grave is but the christian’s bed
On which his weary body is lain
While to his ransom’d soul is given
To see his saviour’s face in heaven

Sacred to the memory
Of William ……(Webb?)
Who died …….. 18..
Aged ….

Travail for …..
God above who …..

In affectionate
Remembrance of
wife of John Davies
at Pentre Hodre
who died June 26th 1868
Aged 56
Bless’d are the dead proclaimed a voice above
Who die in Christ, abiding in his love.
They rest from labour in the peaceful tomb
They rise to glory in the world to come.

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Earliest date (of death): 1827

Type of monument: Chest tomb, hipped top, kerbs, high railings

Dimensions (in millimetres):
 a) monument/tomb: height: 970 breadth: 800 thickness: 1700
 b) railings: height: 2610 breadth: 2875

Orientation of monument/headstone: North, south and west

Material: Sandstone

Condition: Sound, in place. North side badly worn

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1 b) inscription: 3

Type of decoration: Classical ornamentation

Decorative motif/s: Classical ornamentation

Technique/s used for decoration: incised, relief

Condition of decoration: Sound

Technique/s used for inscription: Incised

Condition of inscription: Clear but worn. Illegible on north side

Name of mason: Davies Clun


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