6 Thomas and Elizabeth Griffiths

Date recorded: 8/9/09
Sacred to the memory of Thomas
Griffiths who died Feb 18th 1827
aged 48
I ………any.rod
But …………God
Memory of Elizabeth Griffiths
Relict of Thomas Griffiths
She died July 30th 1857
Aged 51
Let man no more in trifles spend,
The Life that must so shortly end,
But by true Faith in Christ arise,
And seek those Mansions in the skies.

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Earliest date (of death):

Type of monument: Chest tomb with hipped top

Dimensions (in millimetres):
    monument/headstone: height: 870 breadth: 950 thickness: 1870

Orientation of monument/headstone: South facing


Sound, in place, leaning

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1 b) inscription: 1

Type of decoration: Classical

Decorative motif/s: Sunburst, scrollwork

Technique/s used for decoration: Incised

Condition of decoration: Sound

Technique/s used for inscription: Incised

Condition of inscription: Mostly decipherable

Name of mason: None

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