57 Thomas Price & Sarah Jane Price

Date: 1942


In loving memory of Thomas Price

(Late of Knucklas)

Who died Aug 5th 1942

Aged 69 years

“Peace perfect peace”

and his wife

Date: 1986

Inscription: Sarah Jane Price

(Late of Upper House Knucklas)

Who died June 24th 1986

Aged 86 years

“At rest”


Thomas Price
East side inscription

Date: 1942

Type of monument: Flat headstone standing on base with flower container. Flower motif on left hand corner of monument.

Dimensions of headstone: Height: 670mm to 695mm at highest. Breadth: 920mm Thickness: 13mm.

Orientation: Stone faces east

Material of monument: granite

Condition of stone: sound, in place.

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1 b) inscription: 1

Type of decoration: Architectural, leaves.

Technique used for decoration: incised

Condition of decoration: sound

Technique used for inscription: incised

Condition of inscription: clear but worn

Decorative motifs: flowers and leaves

No indication of mason.

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