56 Ernest John Evans

Date: 1943


In loving memory of

Ernest John Evans

Killed Oct 19th 1943

Aged 37 years

Also of

Date: 1987

Inscription: Ann Evans

Died Dec 28th 1987

Aged 80 years

Gone but not forgotten

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Date: 1943

Type of monument: Plain kerbs with posts. Infilled with white and grey chippings

Dimensions of headstone: Length: 1940mm. Breadth: 865mm. Thickness: 80mm. Height of post: 200mm, breadth 130mm.

Orientation: stone faces east

Material of monument: white marble

Condition of stone: sound in place

Number of surfaces bearing inscription: 3

Type of decoration: none

Condition of decoration: none

Technique used for inscription: incised and painted

Condition of inscription: mint

Mason: V R Gough of Knighton (on plate outside edge of kerb)

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