42 John Sheen

Date recorded:  8/9/09


Remembrance of
Late of Squier Chapel Lawn
Born Dec 1st 1826
Died June 9th 1870
Submissive to thy will, my God.
To Thee my partner I resign
And humbly bow before Thy rod
I mourn but dare not to repine


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Earliest date (of death):  1870

Type of monument:  Gothic headstone topped with cross, kerbs

Dimensions (in millimetres):

  a) monument/headstone:  height:  1510  breadth:  670  thickness:  125

  b) kerbs:  length:  1880  breadth:  1375  height: 110

Orientation of monument/headstone:  West facing

Material:  Sandstone

Condition:  Sound, in place

Number of surfaces bearing inscription:  1

Technique/s used for inscription:  Incised

Condition of inscription:  Mostly decipherable



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