35 Richard, RC, and Martha Adlington

Date recorded:  8/9/09


Who died April 10th 1846
Aged 49
Died July 7th 1839
Aged 4 years
Likewise in memory of
Richard & Martha
(Cheshir)  (butcher)
died June 5th 1831 Aged 72
—- Martha died
Dec 4th 1858 Aged 98

Earliest date (of death):  1831

Type of monument:  Round headstone with sinuous corners

Dimensions (in millimetres):

   monument/headstone:  height:  1125  breadth:  756  thickness:  60

Orientation of monument/headstone:  West facing

Material:  Sandstone

Condition:  Leaning, poor on reverse & ivy, decoration on top worn away

Number of surfaces bearing:  a) decoration: 1   b) inscription:  1

Type of decoration:  Not visible

Decorative motif/s:  Not visible

Technique/s used for decoration:  Relief

Condition of decoration:  Gone

Technique/s used for inscription:  Incised

Condition of inscription:  Mostly decipherable

Name of mason:  Knighton

Notes:  inscription – date 1846 and age 49 in register as illegible on stone.

Chessine in register but looks like Cheshire on stone.

1858 in register illegible on stone


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