32 James and Ann Morris

Date recorded:  8/9/09


In loving memory of
James Morris
Died July 6th 1888.
Aged 85 years.
Also of Ann
Beloved wife of the Above
Died Jany  11th 1895
Aged 78 years
They have gone the grave hath received them
It was Jesus that called them away
They have gone to the Lord who redeemed them
From the night to the splendour of day

Earliest date (of death):  1888

Type of monument:  Headstone flat with raised central feature and indented sides

Dimensions (in millimetres):

   monument/headstone:  height:  1640  breadth:  730  thickness:  94

Orientation of monument/headstone:  West facing

Material:  Sandstone

Condition:  Sound, in place, leaning

Number of surfaces bearing:  a) decoration: 1   b) inscription:  1

Type of decoration:  Symbolic, nature

Decorative motif/s:  Flowers, leaves

Technique/s used for decoration:  Relief

Condition of decoration:  Sound

Technique/s used for inscription:  Incised

Condition of inscription:  Clear but worn

Name of mason:  Cadwallader Knighton (bottom right corner)

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