226 John, William and Sarah Handson

Date recorded: 15/07/13


Near to this Place Lies

the Body; of John

Handson, who dep=

arted this life Augt

21th: in the Year 1796,

in the Eleventh Year

of his Age.

Affection tender, and his Te=

mper mild, A loving and Ob=

edient Child, A tomb and Verse

is all I now can give And here

my Child thy Name shall ever live.

Also here lieth the bo=

dy of William and Sarah Handson. Who

departed this life in

the 2th: Year of their Age.

Their times were Short, they cod

No longer stay, Their dear Red=

eemer call’d for them away.

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Note: This wooden memorial is located on the south side of the church, on the inside, near the front of the nave.

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