189 Mary Anna Phene

Date recorded:  10/10/09


In memory of
Widow of William Phene Esqre of London
Who died May 1st 1870 aged 34 years.
This memorial is erected by her children as an acknowledgement of her tenderness and worth

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Earliest date (of death):  1870

Type of monument:  Chest tomb, Kerbs, three posts each side, grey infill chippings.

Dimensions (in millimetres):

  a) monument/headstone:  height:  980  breadth:  760  thickness:  2100

  b) base:  heightbreadththickness:

  c) kerbs:  height:  120 (above ground) breadth:  3040 (incl. posts) thickness:  3040 (incl. posts)

  d) footstone:  heightbreadththickness:

Orientation of monument/headstone:  South facing

Material:  Sandstone

Condition:  Sound, in place

Number of surfaces bearing:  a) decoration:  6  b) inscription:  1

Type of decoration:  Symbolic, architectural

Decorative motif/s:  Cross, flowers, leaves, quatrefoils

Technique/s used for decoration:  High relief

Condition of decoration:  Sound, slightly worn

Technique/s used for inscription:  Incised

Condition of inscription:  Clear but worn

Name of mason:  DODSON SALOP

Notes:  Shares kerbs with 188


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