16 Thomas Price

Date recorded: 10/10/09
Thomas PRICE
to the memory of
Thomas Price
(of Llangwyn)
who died 30th April 1830
Aged 56
Cease my dear wife to mourn for me
My days on earth are past you see
God does not always warning give
Therefore be careful how you live

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Earliest date (of death): 1830

Type of monument: Headstone, slight curve

Dimensions (in millimetres):
    monument/headstone: height: 1040 breadth: 780 thickness: 75 approx.

Orientation of monument/headstone: West facing

Material: Sandstone?

Condition: Sound, in place

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1 b) inscription: 1

Type of decoration: Symbolic

Decorative motif/s: Flowers, leaves, urn

Technique/s used for decoration: Incised

Condition of decoration: Worn, partly broken off

Technique/s used for inscription: Incised

Condition of inscription: Partly decipherable

Name of mason: None

Notes: Checked with record – Margaret Harper buried July 18, 1829


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