154 Ann and Richard Dove

Date recorded: 10/10/09


In Loving Memory
Ann Eleanor Dove
Who died (Whitterleys) Nov.er 11th 1901
Aged 77 years
Also of
Richard Thackery Dove
Who died June 30th 1903
Aged 84 years


Earliest date (of death): 1901

Type of monument: Headstone topped with cross, two step base, kerbs 3 sided plain posts at corners

Dimensions (in millimetres):

  a) monument/headstone: height: 1490  breadth: 820  thickness: 450

  b) kerbs: length: 2390  breadth: 1020  thickness:

Orientation of monument/headstone: East Facing

Material: Sandstone?

Condition: Sound, in place

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1  b) inscription: 1

Type of decoration: Symbolic

Decorative motif/s: Leaves

Technique/s used for decoration: Appliqué

Condition of decoration: Worn

Technique/s used for inscription: Appliqué

Condition of inscription: Clear but worn

Name of mason: Not apparent

Notes: Measurements of kerb are approximate


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