153 Charles, William, Ivor, Mary and Alfred Davies

Date recorded:  10/10/09


(Inside of south kerb)
In loving memory of Charles Davies
Died Feb 3 1951 Aged 79

(West Kerb)
Also children William, Ivor
Also his wife Mary Jane died April 15th 19-6
aged 52 years

(Inside north kerb)
Also Alfred Charles Davies died July 22nd
1962 aged 64 years

(inside of west kerb)
Rest in Peace

Type of monument: Kerbs with plain posts at corners

Dimensions (in millimetres):

    kerbs:  height:  150  breadth:  1800  thickness:  1770

Orientation of monument/headstone:

Material:  Granite

Condition:  Displaced (broken)

Number of surfaces bearing inscription:  4

Technique/s used for inscription:  Incised

Condition of inscription:  Hard to decipher

Notes:  West kerb broken and hard to decipher. North kerb displaced from base.

When checked only one corner post in place. S, N and E kerbs have angled slope facing inwards. One corner post and two broken pieces of stone lying in central area.  Kerbs mounted on base.


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