15 Mary Harper

Date recorded: 10/9/09

Sacred to the memory of
MARY daughter of
Joh? Harper
who died ….. 1813
Aged 6 years
Also ….
died July 18 1829?

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Earliest date (of death): 1813

Type of monument: Headstone with slight curve

Dimensions (in millimetres):
    monument/headstone: height: 850 breadth: 655 thickness: 50

Orientation of monument/headstone: West facing

Material: Sandstone

Condition: Sound, in place

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: 1 b) inscription: 1

Type of decoration: Symbolic

Decorative motif/s: Flowers, leaves, urn

Technique/s used for decoration: Incised

Condition of decoration: Worn, partly broken off

Technique/s used for inscription: Incised

Condition of inscription: Partly decipherable

Checked with record – Margaret Harper buried July 18, 1829

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