14 None

Date recorded: 9/9/09



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Earliest date (of death): None decipherable

Type of monument: Headstone, curved central element, sinuous shoulders

Dimensions (in millimetres):
monument/headstone: height: 860 breadth: 810 thickness: 60-65

Orientation of monument/headstone: South facing

Material: Sandstone

Condition: Very worn, surface flaked off, possibly in place

Number of surfaces bearing: a) decoration: b) inscription: 1

Decorative motif/s: None surviving

Technique/s used for inscription: Incised?

Condition of inscription: Illegible, vanished, possible letters in lower left segment

Notes: Stone badly weathered and breaking up. Some flakes at base clearly belong to it. Some stone fragments which probably do not.
Low shrub growing in front of it trimmed back for recording purposes.
This stone appears in its current position in the old photograph of the church.
Carver’s record, 1987, shows some words were legible then – their no. for this stone is 98.
Names possibly Eliza and Job Harper – see No 12 (C97)



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