Heyope Coronation Tree

A Coronation Tree celebrating the coronation of King George VI in 1937, was planted by the children of Heyope School. The horse chestnut with pink candles is located opposite the old school, now a private dwelling and business. The tree is across the street from the ‘school’ behind a hedge. It is diagonally opposite the southeast corner of the churchyard.
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The dedication plaque shown above hangs in the church, and shows:


Which commemorates the Coronation of

His Majesty King George VI

and his gracious Consort

Queen Elizabeth

On May 12th, 1937.

was planted on that day by

The Children of Heyope School

and others connected therewith, whose names are as follows:



Below School age.
Betty Owens
Olwen Pugh
June Shambrook
John Taylor
Attending School.
Mary Cook
Joan Higgs
Patricia Higgs
Olwen Knill
Mary Lloyd
Nancy Lloyd
Dorothy Morgan
Edna Owens
Mary Owens
Gwen Owens
Joan Price
June Price
Joan Pugh
Irene Wilding
Elwyn Breeze
Ronald Evans
Emlyn Lloyd
Dennis Williams
Bert Morris
Vincent Morris
John Owens
Richard Owens
Westall Price
Austin Pugh
Cecil Pugh
Ronald Pugh
Stanley Pugh
(Clement Tudge)
Gwen Knill
Recently Left
Marjorie Evans
Sheila Pugh
Edward Pugh


(Signed: B Chastel de Boinville)  RECTOR.

___(unsigned)_______ HEAD TEACHER

The planting was superintended by Messrs. George Lloyd, Llangwyn
and Harold Lloyd, Cleobury.

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