115 Thomas & Jane Lloyd, Laura Jane & Edith Mary Lloyd

(north side)

In Loving Memory of THOMAS LLOYD Late of Ryhd-y-Cwm

Born Jany 23rd 1822 Died at Ludlow May 24th 1879

Perfect and upright one that feared God and eschewed evil

And of LAURA JANE The beloved child of THOMAS and JANE LLOYD

Born May 23rd 1868, Died Jan 26th 1880.

“He shall gather the lamb with his arm.”

(south side)

In Loving Memory of JANE the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Lloyd

Born December 23rd 1828, Died March 9th 1905

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”

“Until the day break And the shadows flee away”

EDITH MARY LLOYD Died Dec. 2nd 1943 Aged 76

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